2 Best Ways To Play PUBG In India

    As you all know PUBG Mobile is now Banned in India. The Government of India Banned it as it’s a Chinese game. When the app or game is banned from the government they blocked the server from ISP(Internet Service Provider) of the country. That means you are not able to use the server if you are a part of the ISP of your country. Meaning you are restricted to play PUBG Mobile. So what are the ways to play PUBG in India?

    Well, there’s a catch. Of course, if you are living in a country that means you are using that country’s ISP. But there is a way that will allow you to use blockers server while using the same internet. 

    First Best Way To Play PUBG Mobile In India = VPN!

    Many times in your life you heard about VPN. Yes! VPN is the only way that will help you to change your location’s server. Through this, you can play PUBG Mobile in India while it is banned. You just need to change your server’s location and for the better ping.

    You need to connect to those servers that have low ping. In simple language, ping is a delay. The more you have the more delay you are facing. When you are playing online games its very important to give attention to ping.

    Now the main talk, many of you are wondering, “what do you mean by VPN? Through this, we can lose our accounts” yes boy you are right. But it depends on the rules and regulations of the app or game. PUBG did not allow the involvement of third-party applications. And VPN is a third party application.

    They will not catch you too early but if someone report about you or you do anything which will highlight your account so there are chances for you to get caught. It’s the same as you show your parents you are studying but under the book, you are using a phone, so when you get caught you better know what will happen to you.

    If the PUBG team catches you, your account will be suspended for 10 years. But many apps allow you to run third-party applications. In the case of PUBG, the rule and regulations are very strict.

    Second Best Way To Play PUBG In India: PUBG PC!

    how to play pubg in india

    The original PUBG game was not the mobile version. It is a different game running under a different company. The original PUBG PC is not under a Chinese company and the Indian government has not banned the PUBG PC.

    PUBG PC is one of the best battle royales on PC. And it is the second-best way you can enjoy your favorite battle royale without ping issues. Yes, PUBG PC is much more difficult. But you will get the same experience. You will get the same maps and similar yet complex gameplay.

    One of the biggest issues running PUBG PC is the need for good hardware. You will need a high-end gaming card for running PUBG PC smoothly. And don’t forget that PUBG PC ain’t free. Although, the graphics and gameplay are justified for the price.

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