Activision Giving Beta Keys for Call of Duty: Cold War

Previously in the weeks we heard about the launching of our most favourite game from childhood Call of duty. Activision announced the realeasing of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Like every entry of the game in past, there will be a beta version at first. The beta version will be open for everyone. The early access of the game will be received by pre-ordering the specific versions of the game. But there is another way to get early access to the game without paying any money for the game. As Activision Giving Beta Keys for Call of Duty this weekend. There will be total 10,000 beta keys in give away.

Procedure for Beta Keys

If you want to have a beta key for your favourite game and to be eligible for this giveaway from activision, you will have to do some few simple steps. You will need to sign up or log into your Activision account and link it with the official Call Of Duty League website or application. Then you will have to select if you want to play the beta on PC,PS4, or Xbox one.

On this weekend not only you can grab your beta keys from Activision but you can also watch the stream for a chance to win a code for CDL Champs 2020 Pack. The pack will include several in-games items including virtual graffiti sprays and custom weapon designs. You will just have to watch the stream for at least 30 minutes at any point. Then you can receive a code for a virtual knife with a call of duty League logo printed on the blade that can be used in Moder Warfare and Warzone.

When Will be Activision Giving Beta Keys for Call of Duty

According to the reports and resources the give away of the beta keys will be going on this weekend. This weeken the Call of Duty league will be holding its first championship tournament. On SUNDAY August 30th at 4PM ET the publisher will give away the beta keys for early access to viewers watching the stream on the league’s official website. It is yet not confirmed about the time limit of the beta keys. But Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set to launch on November 13th. Stay tuned and set your timers from now.

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