TCL Patents A Smartphone With Invisible Cameras

    This year, we saw TCL getting into the smartphone market. Now, it seems that TCL is really serious about its smartphone business. TCL has filed a design patent for a smartphone with invisible camera sensors. Not only the front cameras are invisible but even the rear cameras are hidden. Let’s check out the TCL invisible camera patent.

    The patent gives us an idea about what TCL is working on. Their motive for this phone is to be the most innovative and modern looking. Camera design this year has gotten bolder. It all started with Apple when they released the iPhone 11 series with bold camera layout. It was later followed by Samsung and other Chinese companies.

    The bold design looks good, but it also feels out-dated at the same time. A nicer cleaner, with no camera module visible, would have been better. And TCL understands it. The patent filed by TCL shows the device with no camera on the back and the front side. There are visible bezels however it seems like the device will be using an in-display camera.

    Invisible Camera Sensors = Clean Design

    TCL Patents A Smartphone With Invisible Cameras

    In-display camera technology has been in the testing phase for a long time now. Companies like OPPO showed their prototype devices with an under-display camera last year. While the ZTE Axon 20 Pro 5G is the first commercially available phone with an under-display camera. Hence, it isn’t the first time we have seen an in-display camera.

    Moving to the rear side, the upper rear side is slightly bigger than the rest of the phone. It may be the camera layout. If I have to guess, this will work like the OnePlus Concept One Phone. The rear will have a glass panel which becomes transparent when cameras are in use and become opaque when not in use.

    A few of the patent phones make out to the commercial market. But this gives us a good idea of what the mobile phone manufacturers are planning to give us in the future. Are you excited to see phones like the TCL invisible cameras on the front and rear sides? Do let us know in the comments section.

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