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NVIDIA Teases RTX 3090 Design In Their Video


In this world of gaming today there are many companies launching updated and latest graphics cards meeting the requirements of nowadays realistic games. NVIDIA is one of those top tier companies that is always looking for an upgrade for the users to provide them better experience than before. It always focuses on the enhancements and improvements to make the users feel better especially gamers. Similar in 2020 NVIDIA is about to launch the RTX 3000 series in which its major part is RTX 3090. Nvidia made a video over it in which everyone had their eyes on the elegant RTX 3090 design.

RTX 3090 Design and structure

The enhanced and much awaited card RTX 3090 will come into a pennant-shaped board and a new cooling shroud. It was seen that Nvidia heavily focused on the cooling through the whole video. They redesigned it to some extent by improving the cooling system to improve the air flow to overcome the heating problems that exist in today’s GPUs. Along with a pennant-shaped board there is also a 12-pin connector confirmed. As it will be easier and smaller than the two 8-pin connectors. Nvidia will add an adapter for 8-pin cables as well for it. Nvidia also added a new leaf spring that will provide room for the back cover on the card. The card will take up 3 slots as well.

GPU Availability

We’ve come to know from some sources that Nvidia will release their RTX 3000 Series Cards on September 1st, including RTX 3080 and RTX 3090. After it’s availability we will discuss the price of this masterpiece. It might cost you a $1400 according to the possible rumors. Overall this card seems totally to be a masterpiece for the PC gaming. Nvidia still has a lot of information to leak out and the performance difference between these and the previous series. Stay tuned for more from NVIDIA.

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