Popular Google’s Dinosaur Game Is Getting Modded.

    6 years ago in 2014 we came across a very interesting and attractive game in the active most browser we use and everyone’s recommended Chrome. The Google’s Dinosaur game which we play in our little free time without internet access gained immense likeness with the passage of time and after the time period of six years it came up with it’s modded version. It’s name is “Dino Swords”. The two well recognized companies and gaming organizations MSCHF & 100 THIEVES developed this mod by partnership.


    The Chrome Dinosaur game β€” but with guns, tanks, and drugs

    The mod actually brings an arsenal of firearms and weaponry. The T-Rex dinosaur running and jumping over cactus will come up with a set of 26 different weapons this time. The weapons added into the game will be of different kinds and use. Some will play a vital role and some will be just useless to be neglected by the players.

    According to both organizations, their idea of modding this famous mini game brought it to its true form. There’s also an addition of Easter eggs featuring in the mod. But it will be difficult for the players to find and unlock them.


    The companies developed this mod of Google’s Dinosaur game to bring more features and fun to the game by the addition of weapons and unlocking of eggs. They also added the prizes for the top players of the game. The ones which will be the best in the game will be awarded with prizes. However they didn’t inform about the prize yet. Well it will be cleared with time what kind of prize it will be. We’ve to stay tuned and keen to play our favorite mini game. What do you guys think the prizes would be?

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