Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Released Quietly on Apple Arcade

    A new game on Apple App Store has popped up named “Samurai Jack Battle Through Time” from the creators “Adult Swim Games”, which will be shown coming soon on the Apple Arcade section. Although there was no release date from developers nor any news about it. They were working on it and released it on all other platforms including PS4, Xbox One, PC on Steam, and Nintendo Switch. However, there wasn’t a single clue if the game will make its way to mobile. And now it is finally released on the Apple App Store on the Apple Arcade section.

    Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Released Quietly on Apple Arcade

    The Game “Samurai Jack Battle Through Time” has some real-time things like music, graphics, and composition. Having all of these things will increase the size of the game. It is one of the largest games available on the App Store. About the 4.7GB download size. Now you are wondering how this size can be possible. So, there is the answer. it’s not a simple game, it is a 3D game with realistic graphics and the best of its music composition.

    You can check out the trailer for PS4 version below:

    Getting Major Updates Already

    Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Released Quietly on Apple Arcade

    Now let’s talk about the update released by the developers. So, there are two updates one is INMOST from Chucklefish launched yesterday for PC. It includes major things, like resolving errors and bugs for better performance. The other one is for Nintendo Switch. It has many changes in it. Therefore it is named as 2.0 update. It comes with tons of updates including new content, bugs, improved controls, etc.

    If you liked the anime, then you can grab the game on Apple arcade and consoles listed above. We are trying to add more variety in our TechBoiler articles, we have been posting about smartphones only. Its time to spice things up!

    Source: TouchArcade

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