Next POCO phone will be unveiled this month with 120Hz refresh rate and AMOLED display

Xiaomi launched “POCO F1” and it instantly became popular and one of the best flagship killers of that time. Then POCO series hibernated for almost a year and came out as an independent sub-brand of Xiaomi. POCO launched three re-branded phones this year. Those included POCO X2, POCO F2 Pro, and POCO M2 Pro. Now, the global Spokesperson for POCO has hinted at a POCO device with a higher refresh rate.

POCO X2 is a re-branded Redmi K30 and was launched in India only. POCO F2 Pro is a re-branded Redmi K30 Pro and was launched globally. Then came the M2 Pro which is a rebranded Redmi Note 9 Pro and was launched in India.

This strategy resulted in controversies. Many people rejected POCO’s idea of re-branded smartphones. Now, we are looking for the next true POCO phone. There is no announcement of any POCO device for now. However, there is a strong hint that might see POCO’s next phone soon.

Angus Kai Ho Ng who is the Product Marketing Manager and Global Spokesperson for POCO has teased the highlight of POCO’s next offering. He tweeted about POCO loving a higher refresh rate. For information, there is no POCO phone with a higher refresh rate.

Tipster Claims Big Things!

Tipster Abhishek Yadav has given us chills. He has claimed that the POCO executive deleted the original tweet that mentioned 120Hz refresh rate and AMOLED display. Moreover, he told the audience that the new POCO phone will be announced this month.

The new phone is surfacing in various places. A mysterious phone which we think is the next POCO phone comes with a model number M2007J20GC. It received the certifications from Indonesia’s TKDN authority and also the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

Let’s see what the next POCO phone will bring. What do you want to see in the next POCO device? Let us know in the comments section.

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