Prince Of Persia Remake Spotted With Release Date

We haven’t seen any Prince of Persia game in a decade now. The last time the developers ever released a mainline game was The Forgotten Sands, which was released ten years from now. Fortunately, there have been leaks and rumors about a new Prince of Persia game. Now a store listing of an un-announced Prince Of Persia game has surfaced online.

The listing shows the name as-well-as the platforms it is releasing on. First of all, it is named as “Prince Of Persia Remake.” And according to the listing, it will be releasing on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The store listing also sheds light on the release date which is scheduled for November.


The first time I saw the listing, I was like it is fake. But then Jason Schreier tweeted about the listing saying “Video game retailers sure love leaking Ubisoft’s surprise announcements” which hints at him knowing about the game.

One More Hint

A few months ago, Ubisoft also registered the domain. Although, the listing hints at a remake of the original game.

The domain nameservers being registered to Ubisoft’s nameservers hints at something is in the plans for Prince Of Persia series. Now time will tell about the next Prince Of Persia game.

Ubisoft is also going to launch six installments of the Far Cry series. The next presentation of Ubisoft is set for September. Chief executive officer of Ubisoft said, “a lot to showcase in the coming months”. Hence, we may see information at the presentation regarding Prince Of Persia Remake.

Till then, let me know what do you prefer: a new Prince Of Persia game or a re-make? Let us know in the comments section below, and I will keep you updated related to Prince Of Persia Remake.

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