Grand Theft Auto VI Will Take Place In Vice City, Here Is The New Clue

    Grand Theft Auto V was released back in 2013. Seven years ahead, Rockstar haven’t pinched a word about GTA VI. The most anticipated thing about GTA VI is its plot. We do not have any confirmation on where the sixth installment of GTA will be set in. Many of the fans wanted Rockstar to re-visit the iconic Vice City for GTA VI. There has been a couple of leaks and rumors that hinted GTA VI to be based in Vice City as well. Now, we have another clue that hints at GTA VI being based at Vice City.

    A Reddit user u/cmputerguy posted a potential clue hinting at GTA VI will be set in Vice City. According to the author, two domains are bought by, which is the parent company of Rockstar Games. One of the domains includes but the second one will blow your mind. The second domain registered by Take2Games is

    Grand Theft Auto VI Will Take Place In Vice City, Here Is The New Clue domain information

    In early 2020, Take2Games updated both the domains. The recent update of the domains is a potential clue that GTA VI might be based in Vice City. Sparking speculation that maybe GTA VI will feature vice city and the game will also feature online multiplayer like the current GTA Online or maybe something different but on the same scale-like GTA Online.

    The Reddit comments section has mixed thoughts. According to some people, companies do this all the time to secure domains for future titles. Whereas some people are so excited and saying that GTA VI is a perfect title for being based in Vice City, since it could be “GTA VIce City.”

    Great. But When Will See GTA VI?

    Grand Theft Auto VI Will Take Place In Vice City, Here Is The New Clue

    If I had the ability to go in the future, that would have been my first Google search. Jokes apart, we might see GTA VI getting announced soon. It was previously reported that Grand Theft Auto VI might be a timed exclusive for Playstation 5. If timed exclusive thingy is correct then voila we are in for a treat because Sony has reportedly some titles hidden for next state of play or the next event where they’ll reveal PlayStation 5’s price and release date.

    Speaking of release date, Xbox series X has been confirmed for November and yesterday a rumor came that Fortnite’s latest blogpost has seemingly leaked the release date for PS5, which is November 17th.

    What do you think of Grand Theft Auto VI featuring Vice City? Is Rockstar planning to feature a vintage styled GTA online, a good idea? Do let us know you opinions in the comments section. And also don’t forget to share the news with Grand Theft Auto fans.

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