Samsung Researchers Arrested For Leaking OLED Inkjet Printing Technology

    If OLED displays are concerned, then no one comes close to Samsung. The South Korean giant is known for producing one of the best OLED displays around the globe. The OLED panels are used in TVs as well as smartphones. Moreover, other huge companies like Apple also uses Samsung panels for their reliability and quality. A new Samsung technology is known as “OLED inkjet printing” is in works, however, according to the latest news, some Samsung employees have leaked the internal info to a Chinese company.

    Samsung's Interactive Display Solutions Take Center Stage ...

    Two Samsung researchers are accused of leaking World’s first technology related to OLED inkjet printing to a Chinese company. The researchers were arrested by the South Korean police and it is said they are the senior researchers at Samsung. Among the 46 and 37-year-old researcher, a 42-year old Samsung co-operative executive is also in custody for failing to protect the important data.

    Millions Of Dollars Damage

    The information leak has cost Samsung a lot. It is said that Samsung has invested over $8.5 million in inkjet printing technology for over 3 years. The new technology will be used for mass production of televisions as well. One of the biggest advantages of Inkjet Printing is its speed. The Inkjet Printing is faster compared to the white OLED process. For comparison, with the new technology, Samsung can save up to 20% in manufacturing a 65-inch OLED 4K TV.

    Samsung inkjet printing technology will be implemented in the production line starting from October. Samsung will be the first one to reveal the tech followed by China, Japan, and Taiwan. However, the new leak regarding the technology has cost millions of dollars in damage to Samsung. This news threw me 5 years back when Samsung stole the trade secrets from TSMC, Karma for you, Samsung.

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