Qualcomm tries to persuade the US government to let it sell chips to Huawei

With the ban going on with Huawei by the US. Huawei can’t make chips for there devices with means it has to rely on Mediatek, Qualcomm and Samsung for its chips. Huawei also said that the Mate 40-series might be the last to run on Kirin chip. Now that the competition is gone, Qualcomm sees this as a big opportunity to start making chips for Huawei.

Qualcomm says that Huawei will ultimately be able to source its hardware to make 5G phones in the near future and in doing so, it might seek partnership with other, non-US companies like Samsung and MediaTek in a presentation. On going rumors suggest that Huawei is looking into a partnership with MediaTek in 2020. If that happens Qualcomm would then lose about $8 billion a year in a missed opportunity. Huawei has not used any Qualcomm chips on any of its flagships devices but it has on mid-range devices.

The War Continuous

The war between United States and Huawei keeps going, and if you haven’t heard. It seems we are entering a new phase. US Officials have gone on record saying that Huawei has backdoor access to networks from all over the globe for over a decade.

Claims are that even though telecom makers are required to build ways for law enforcement, Huawei has been using the backdoors without telling carriers. Officials from three nations said the United States kept the information highly classified and has only now provided details to the UK and Germany.

Huawei denied any allegations. A senior company executive said the use of legal interception interface is strictly regulated and operated only by network officials. He also added that Huawei employees are not allowed to access the networks.

This is hardly a positive development for Huawei. Which seems more than ever to regain access to do business with US companies. That would almost certainly force the company to develop its Google services alternative. If it wants to make its phones competitive in markets outside China.

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