Do Not Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 20: 3 Biggest Cons Of Note 20

    Samsung revealed its premium next-generation Note devices yesterday. The Note 20 series includes two new devices, Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Both smartphones are flagship-level devices. Note 20 comes at a price tag of $1000 whereas the Ultra is priced at $1300. If you’re planning to buy the new Note series devices, then let me warn you: The Galaxy Note 20 is overpriced!

    Below are the cons of Galaxy Note 20 which makes the device a deal-breaker.

    1. Plastic Back

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Price in ...

    Devices priced above $200 comes with more premium glass back panels. Even my Redmi Note 8 Pro that is less $150 comes with a glass panel. Plastic is mainly used on cheaper smartphones to save costs. Well, Samsung has opted for a plastic rear panel for their Galaxy Note 20 panel, which is a disappointment. Plastic is not premium, and it doesn’t look fair to pay $1000 for plastic build quality.

    There is a pro to plastic build quality as it can more durable and you can use it without less fear. On the other hand, the Ultra model comes with a glass back panel.

    2. Old School Display

    Do Not Buy The Galaxy Note 20: 3 Biggest Cons Of Note 20

    2020 was all about the improvement of displays. Companies introduced higher refresh rate displays, that makes the display buttery smoother. However, the Galaxy Note 20 sticks to old fashioned 60 Hz refresh rate. It means you will not get any high refresh rate.

    The dot hole notch on the Note 20 is also slighter larger than the Ultra model. Moreover, the display resolution is stuck to 1080p which isn’t ideal for $1000 either. The Galaxy Note 20 ultra on the other hand uses a 120Hz refresh rate and a QHD+ display. However don’t get me wrong, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series comes with one of the most beautiful displays ever. But they do lack some features that other companies are providing at similar price points.

    3. Fewer Improvements On The S-Pen

    Do Not Buy The Galaxy Note 20: 3 Biggest Cons Of Note 20

    If you are buying a Samsung Galaxy Note device, then the S-Pen will be one of your major buying points. However, on the Galaxy Note 20, the S-pen is not improved as such. On the Ultra model, Samsung introduced low latency. Previously it was 42ms latency for the S-Pen. Samsung now offers 9ms response time for S-pen on the Ultra model whereas the vanilla model sticks to the old 42ms.

    Low latency ensures smoother S-pen experience. It will look and feel smoother when using an S-Pen on Note 20 Ultra than Note 20 vanilla. If S-pen plays a vital role for you, then higher latency on Note 20 will be a big drawback.

    Final Conclusion

    In the end, if these cons are important to you then you can go for other smartphones like OnePlus 8 Pro. And you can grab a Galaxy Note 10 cheaper that will still rock. However if you can add $300 more, then I can suggest the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is in my opinion the true flagship device.

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