IPhone 12 Pro to craft a $23,380 and covered with engraved gold by Caviar goldsmiths

    Some months to come is the official announcement of the iPhone 12 pro, but if you have $23,000 burning a hole in your pocket then the limitations of time and space do not concern you. No, Apple didn’t go crazy with the pricing, it’s just that Caviar is at it again and it plans to plate the phone with 18-karat gold.

    Caviar iPhone 12 pro victory pure gold

    The Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Victory Pure Gold, a lengthy name worthy of a royal phone, is decorated with floral motifs on the back. They represent the chamomile flower, which is the national flower of Russia.

    There are also eight 0.48 carat diamonds (F/SI1) on there for good measure. The sides are engraved with the phone’s information and its unique number in the limited production run.

    Just the box is more expensive than most smartphones

    If you’re a temporarily embarrassed millionaire, Caviar also makes Carbon and Titanium versions of the iPhone 12 Pro. Those are “only” $5,060 and feel more techy compared to the Gold model. In all cases, you can pick the iPhone 12 Pro or the 12 Pro Max.

    iPhone 12pro titanium
    iPhone 12pro carbon

    Sales of the gilded iPhones are planned for October and Caviar has more designs in mind, featuring plenty of gold and a lot of exotic leather to boot. Here are a few samples, but keep in mind that if you have something custom in mind, Caviar will gladly accommodate you as long as your wallet can handle it.

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