Xiaomi servers were banned in Pakistan, users couldn’t download the MIUI 12 update

    In the Xiaomi community, everyone is waiting in a line to get the latest MIUI 12 update. The MIUI is a custom user-interface by Xiaomi. And the MIUI 12 update has been rolled out for devices in China. Now the update has started to roll out globally for the users. However, multiple Redmi Note 9 users from Pakistan claimed that they received the MIUI 12 update but they had trouble downloading it.

    In the Xiaomi community, many users with Redmi Note 9 complained about issues when installing the MIUI 12 update. The users in Xiaomi Community says:

    Why are xiaomi system updates are detected but not downloading it’s a bug or error i am from Pakistan please fix it


    Xiaomi servers banned in Pakistan. Source: piunikaweb

    I received the notification of latest update but i am unable to download it. I have a good internet connection but the progress bar doesn’t move past 0%. I have already tried rebooting, clearing cache of “updater” app and using vpns but none of them worked. “System apps updater’ on the other hand is working fine. I am from Pakistan. Pls help


    A Xiaomi moderator responded to the user queries saying that the ISPs are responsible for the issue faced when downloading MIUI 12 update. The mod clarifies that ISPs have banned Xiaomi servers and as a result many Redmi Note 9 users are facing this issue.

    A lot of users are facing this issue in Pakistan. It seems Pakistani bas blocked the servers. Few users could find a workaround by using a VPN. For now, try w VPN. If you still can’t update, kindly wait as it is already reported to the team


    The moderator also suggested a solution to the problem, VPN. The VPN allows you to download the update without any issues. And if the downloading stops, then follow the below instructions:

    Update: If update gets stuck on vpn after 27% or around it, again clear cache of security app, update app, download manager, launcher, then Reboot. Connect again to vpn and Voila!! Here update starts again. Good..


    After PUBG unban, it seems that Xiaomi servers are also working

    Yesterday, PTA unbanned PUBG. And a user also reported yesterday that he got the update successfully installed on the Redmi Note 9 without a VPN. It can be that somehow Xiaomi servers were also unbanned with PUBG.

    Xiaomi servers banned pakistan

    If you are also facing any issues on your Redmi Note 9 smartphone, then you can let us know in the comments section. For now it seems that the issue have been resolved.

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