Tim Cook Is Like The “Guruji” From Sacred Games

Update: Apple, running under Tim Cook, has finally revealed its iPhone 12 gen lineup. Now, the iPhones don’t come up with a charger and earpod. Our anticipated rumors were real, meaning Apple is causing destruction.

Pretty awkward title, huh? Well, the statement is true. If you have watched the popular Netflix show called Sacred Games, you may know the main villain from the second season called Guruji. So what is the similarity between the CEO of Tech Giant & a villain? Well, both are masterminds!

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Before talking about the similarities, first, let me take a moment to talk about Guruji. This person in the season had weird goals. He was different from all, and his mission was destruction. He shows people that the goal behind his agenda is an evolution in the world. Though in reality, his motive is destruction.

In a nutshell, there are 2 characteristics of this popular personality: Destruction and Domination. I’ll compare them with Apple’s strategies of the past and future, and you will see how a fictional character and a tech giant are similar.

Tim Cook - Apple, Education & Career - Biography

Talking about Tim Cook, he is the CEO of Apple. It is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers. They have their own OS and bring limited smartphones. Apple is made fun of for making stupid decisions, like the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack, a $999 ridiculous Pro Stand, and many other things.

Apple – AKA Destruction

The accessories Apple removed from the iPhone 12 box are now cheaper than  ever – BGR

Now according to analysts, Apple will be removing the charger and ear-pods from the box. Which is just like buying cars without tires. Pretty weird, right? And this causes destruction.

Apple is a known brand. They said good-bye to the 3.5mm headphone jack. Samsung first made fun of it. And now, their flagships no longer have the port. Apple introduced a bold camera design for iPhone 11 series. Results? 2020 is full of bolt camera designs, just take Oppo Reno 4 series as an example.

Means other companies follow Apple, if not in current-gen, their next-gen will be somehow get inspired by Apple. Now they are removing the charger and the earpods? Some companies will make fun of it for marketing, but later in the future, they will go with the same technique.

Like Guruji has his students, similarly, Apple has its customers. How will Apple convince the users? I wrote an article for Gizchina, where I explained how Apple is going to justify the cause of removing the chargers and how they will make it a GOOD step. This act just resembles Guruji, as he wants to destroy but his followers are blindly following him, or Guruji brainwashed them. Just like how Apple will do in the coming months.

Apple – AKA Domination

Pogue's Apple HomePod listening test draws criticism
Apple revealed HomePod Mini, a new $99 Siri powered speaker that listens to you.

In the iOS 14 launch event, Apple introduced the Key lock feature. You can unlock, lock, power your car just by your iPhone. You can give a person a pass to your car, and they can operate your car. Similarly, in recent reports, Apple wants to replace your ID and passport. Apple is planning to make the iPhone an identification device that allows users to replace identification documents including ID cards, driver’s licenses, and passports with their phones.

In a nutshell, they want to dominate the world. Apple wants to take access to your car, your ID, passport, licenses. This is a part of their plan “Apple’s digital world”. And this is how, in the tech industry, destruction and domination will be caused by Apple. Don’t get me wrong, I am a tech-savvy too. But if you see things from a different angle, then maybe you can understand me!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my comparison between the two masterminds? Let me know in the comments section below!

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