BEWARE: This Wallpaper Can Soft-Brick Your Phone!

You may have heard that opening certain Whatsapp messages can freeze your phone, similarly, a new problem has popped up. A simple picture is now trending on the internet and it has the ability to soft-brick some Android phones. If that image is set as the wallpaper, the mobile phone system might crash and the screen will start flashing indefinitely. This case is effective especially for Samsung users whereas some Google Pixel users also faced the issues.

A popular leakster Ice Universe highlighted this issue, he tweeted about the image that can cause some serious problems, especially to Samsung devices. After using that image as wallpaper, your device can crash and soft-brick. Meaning you will not be able to use your phone properly, but there are a few tactics you can use, at the cost of your data!

Why Is The Reason Behind This Wallpaper Issue?

According to the Ice Universe, it appears that the dangerous aspect of the image connects to colour gamut. He explained further on twitter:

BEWARE: This Wallpaper Can Soft-Brick Your Phone!

“When I tried to upload the original image (left) to Weibo, I found that its color to change (right). At this time, the image became harmless, but when uploaded to twitter, the original image still does not change color, still harmful. So I suspect it may be related to color gamut. In other words, Weibo did some processing on the pictures and dealt with harmful ingredients. But Twitter’s mechanism for processing pictures is different from Weibo”.

The image is captured Nikon D850, with a resolution of 6144 x 3950 and the size of the image is 4.67MB. And to sum it all up, the wallpaper isn’t haunted or something but the issue is related to the color gamut.

I warn you to not experiment with this, but still if you did and now you are facing any issue, here are two things you can try:

  1. One option is to reset your device, for that as you know you will not be able to go to your settings and reset hence you will need to use reset using the bootloader. Although, You will lose your all data.
  2. OR try entering safe mode and deleting the image from the device. If this method doesn’t work, the first option is your only option.

The intensity of the issue varies from phone to phone, Huawei devices had the least effect while Samsung and Google devices are impacted the most. Although, Samsung has received the feedback and has already resolved this issue. But you still have to wait for the firmware update, and do no make that image your wallpaper!

Please share this post as much as possible, so that everyone knows about this dangerous wallpaper!

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