Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device

    Xiaomi is one of the companies which I look forward to. Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi always provide more price to performance ratio than it’s competitors. Like the last year’s Redmi Note 8 Pro was my favorite smartphone of 2019. It came with an amazing chipset from MediaTek, which played PUBG Mobile like its nothing at all! But apart from the more value perspective, there are certain things which might make Xiaomi not suitable for you.

    1. Sluggish User Interface and ADS

    Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device
    Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device #1

    Xiaomi comes with its own user interface on top of Android. It is known as MIUI, and it offers multiple customization options. But to be honest, it is slow-witted. The user interface is purely inspired by iOS. Somehow it feels that MIUI is a cheap iOS copy. Well, that is what Xiaomi is about; providing high-value packages for a lower price tag. MIUI is not stable as Stock Android, there will be bugs and won’t run smoothly comparatively.

    One of the most deal-breaking things in Xiaomi phones includes ADS! Yes, you heard it right, you pay for your product but hey you will be watching ads! Anyway, there are options to turn them off but for an average consumer, take an example of your parents. Will they be able to turn off ads? Heck no, it is very unlikely that they will be scratching their heads into settings.

    2. Privacy Concerns

    Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device
    Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device #2

    My smartphone has precious information, all my accounts are on my phone. I bet you also have information on your phone which you don’t want anyone else to see. Well, buying a Xiaomi device? Forget privacy. A while ago, none other than Forbes reported that multiple applications on Xiaomi devices are sending your data to China. Although, Xiaomi rejected the accusations Forbes is not satisfied with Xiaomi’s answer. In a nutshell, don’t use Xiaomi pre-installed apps and uninstall them if possible.

    3. RIP Paint Job

    Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device
    Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device #3

    I personally owned Redmi 5 & Redmi Note 8 Pro, and in both cases, there was something that bothered me. It was final touches, for example, the color started to brush off on my Redmi 5 and I started watching cracks on my camera glass until I had to break to make camera useable. Anyways this was a 15K smartphone, and we don’t expect them to give protection on camera.

    But on Redmi Note 8 Pro priced at 40K, the paint job on rear camera started brushing off very soon after I bought it. I didn’t find these issues on other brands like Nokia or Samsung.

    Redmi Note 8 Pro (Day In The Life Video)

    Damn, how freely I was roaming outside. No masks, No Stress. :'(

    4. Worst Selfie Camera Ever

    Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device
    Well, this looks like a Huawei phone. But he got the expression right, so thanks pewds.

    Selfies on a Redmi phone? Nah. I have tested many Xiaomi phones, and selfie quality is not up to the mark in most cases. If you are a female, then I would never suggest you a Xiaomi phone.

    5. Android Updates

    Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device
    Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy Any Xiaomi Device #4 (Source: 9to5Google)

    Being on the latest Android version kind of gives us a mental satisfaction that our device can be used for more time. But Xiaomi in this department is kind of lousy, Xiaomi do give Android updates but they take heck a lot of time. My friend with Redmi Note 8 Pro is still waiting for Android 10 update while I got it months ago. So if you don’t have ROM installation knowledge to install the update yourself, then you should definitely have patience.

    Xiaomi Mi A3, which is Xiaomi’s attempt on Android One smartphones didn’t get updated until February! Like what the hell? Android 10 was released back in September, and an Android One smartphone didn’t get it until Feb! And you know what? The users actually filled a petition against Xiaomi not giving Android 10 updates to Mi A3 users!

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